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engagement smallAs managers in organizations we all want to do well – we want our teams to do well – and we want our organization to do well. What this means for you exactly depends on your position in the organization. The CEO (your top manager) has a perspective that encompasses the whole organization and the community in which it operates.  A front line manager might be more focused on team members, team productivity and process improvement.

So what sets top performing organizations aside from the others? If we all want to do well, why aren’t all organizations performing at their best? 

Nagging Performance Issues – Solve them NOW!

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Last puzzle pieceWhat if you could find training that exactly addressed your need to improve performance? We can help you overcome those nagging barriers that are holding you back.

Dwight Mihalicz, President, Effective ManagersTM provides customized workshops for CEOs and their executive teams. These are working sessions where methods and techniques are introduced and applied immediately to help you and your team resolve the issues that are in front of you.

Organizational training often fails to deliver results because it is provided sporadically throughout the organization. By working with the CEO and the CEO’s team, the concepts you need can be learned and applied.

Is Your Strategy Execution Stalling? Here’s Why.

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Strategy CrisisManagers are in a really tough spot. Your strategy demands that they deliver more and more, but organizational systems get in the way more often than they help. So while managers are running faster and more furiously than ever, they often cannot get to their most important work. So the strategy stalls.

This matters. Organizations in general fail to execute their strategies 70% of the time. In spite of a clear vision and strategy, as work flows down and across the organization efforts become diffused and confused. Most managers and employees are working hard, but they fail to give sufficient attention to the right work. What are some of the symptoms?

SHOW-ing Them How it Works: SHOW DC and a New Approach to Managing

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SHOWDC Concept

SHOW DC Concept

Being the first at anything is both exciting and challenging. SHOW DC, Thailand’s first retail and entertainment mega complex, is no exception. The company has created an innovative concept, combining shopping, entertainment and tourism in one venue, the first of its kind in Asia.

As the initial construction of the facilities was nearing completion, SHOW DC was looking for guidance in establishing the operating and managerial processes that would be required to run such a multi-faceted, complex operation. To further complicate matters, SHOW DC in Bangkok was only the first of twelve complexes that company planned to build. The processes that were established in the initial project would be applied to future operations.

Management Consulting – an insider’s view.

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A photo by Ales Krivec. a management consultant, and a volunteer for the profession, I am often asked about management consulting as a profession. My second career has been in management consulting, and I have never regretted for a moment getting into this profession. And it is a profession. But what does it mean to be a management consultant?

Size of Industry

Consultancy UK considers management consulting to have “the aim of improving the effectiveness of their business strategy, organisational performance and operational processes”. But industry specifics are not tracked by this definition, so they consider Strategy, Human Resources and Operations consulting as making up Management Consulting.

According to Consultancy UK in its recently published analysis of the global consulting market, the global size of the management consulting industry is just over US $130 billion dollars. I might argue whether all aspects of Operations consulting fit within Management Consulting, but by any measure, the consulting industry is HUGE, has an average annual growth of 4.3%, and grew by some 5.5% last year alone.
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