Effective Managers Announces Partnership Agreement with Kayen Co

Dwight Mihalicz,

KAYEN Company to provide Effective ManagersTM Manager Assessment and Effective Point of Accountability® services

Mahmoud Olyaei and Dwight Mihalicz Tehran, Iran, 12 July 2017. Dr. Mahmoud Olyaei, Managing Director of Kayen Co, and Dwight Mihalicz, President of Effective ManagersTM announced today the signing of an agreement to collaborate on the use of the Effective ManagersTM methodology.

Since 1996, Kayen Co has provided services to its clients by applying modern managerial services to enhance the competitive strength, stakeholder satisfaction and productivity of their organizations. Kayen Co. bases its techniques and training on research, and market developments to ensure a maximum impact on management and the development of sustainable solutions.

Dr. Olyaei stated that he was very pleased to sign this agreement on behalf of his firm: “Kayen Co. is proud to provide the best and latest management techniques to its clients. This agreement with the Canadian consulting firm Effective ManagersTM, enables us to provide leading-edge services in the assessment of management effectiveness and a proprietary approach for improving accountability in organizations. Our clients have identified needs in these areas and we are now well positioned to help them.”

“I am delighted to welcome Mahmoud and the team at Kayen Co. to the family of consulting firms that using the Effective ManagersTM methodology. They are well-known in Iran for providing valuable services based on research and client-proven success”, said Dwight Mihalicz.

2017-07-12-14_35_30-presentation1-powerpointParisa Razeghi, the organization improvement expert at Kayen Co led the discussions for the collaborative effort. She points out: “Kayen Co. focuses on three main lines of services: Business Strategies, Business Process Management, and Managerial Standards & Excellency Models. The manager effectiveness systems of Effective ManagersTM are a perfect extension to our approach.

The Effective ManagerTM Assessment uses a proprietary survey methodology to engage managers specifically to assess their overall effectiveness, and the key factors that impede or support them in their work. The benchmark shows that managers are, in fact, working at only 55% effectiveness. The results can provide insights to CEOs and Heads of HR on how to align their managerial work force so that strategy execution can be enhanced. Results offer insight prior to a major change initiative in the organization that can help shape a new organizational design, like a merger or acquisition.

CEOs who participate receive a report that details the findings in their organization, grouped together with benchmark results. Each measure is described in detail to ensure an understanding of what the results mean. The report concludes with the high level findings, customized for their organization, together with the areas of greatest strengths and greatest opportunities. If a CEO can understand the relationships between these measures and effectiveness in their organizations, action can be taken that will improve effectiveness.

The agreement also gives Kayen Co. access to The Effective Point of Accountability®. This approach to accountability in organizations can be used to improve delegation of work. It can also be used to improve cross functional work and break down silos. It is a proven and effective method of increasing organizational performance.

More information on the survey approach, the researchers, and the findings can be found here.

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