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Dwight Mihalicz has over 40 years’ experience helping local, national, and international organizations achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and performance.

Interdependence at Work, or How Can I Count On My Colleagues to Do What They Say They Will?

Dwight Mihalicz,

collaborationWorkers in organizations to-day are highly interdependent. There are few positions where one is not dependent on others in some way for success in their own work. For managerial roles, interdependence is a fact of life.

The following figure shows the results of a research project into managerial effectiveness carried out in partnership between Effective Managers™ and the Telfer School of Business at the University of Ottawa. In this part of the research, managers were asked several questions about their interdependence with others.

Effective Managers Announces Partnership Agreement with Kayen Co

Dwight Mihalicz,

KAYEN Company to provide Effective ManagersTM Manager Assessment and Effective Point of Accountability® services

Mahmoud Olyaei and Dwight Mihalicz Tehran, Iran, 12 July 2017. Dr. Mahmoud Olyaei, Managing Director of Kayen Co, and Dwight Mihalicz, President of Effective ManagersTM announced today the signing of an agreement to collaborate on the use of the Effective ManagersTM methodology.

Since 1996, Kayen Co has provided services to its clients by applying modern managerial services to enhance the competitive strength, stakeholder satisfaction and productivity of their organizations. Kayen Co. bases its techniques and training on research, and market developments to ensure a maximum impact on management and the development of sustainable solutions.

Why I Jumped off the Webinar Bandwagon

Dwight Mihalicz,

wagonAfter four years of providing free Webinars I have decided to call it a day.

Our goal at Effective ManagersTM has always been to provide great content to people that can use it. My strategy has been to help people be more effective in their work. My focus is accountability in the workplace, but this touches on many facets of organizational life.

By addressing current issues, I can provide insights for participants to help them be more effective. And if I can help managers be more effective, that will improve team performance, and organizations will be more successful.

Accountability 101 – What You Need to Know about Accountability in Your Workplace

Dwight Mihalicz,

Watch our recorded webinar on Accountability 

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How do you create a culture of accountability? Of course this depends on whether you are talking about yourself, your team or your organization. But the principles are the same.

The first step? It starts with an understanding of what accountability is and why it is important for performance.

After that, you can use accountability as an incredibly powerful tool for improving individual, team and organizational performance.

Join us at this special Webinar to understand how accountability can be used in your situation!

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What is Accountability?

Dwight Mihalicz,

Part 1 of the Effective ManagersTM Understanding Accountability Series What is Accountability?

We all have obligations at work. These obligations come at us from many directions… our peers, our clients, our subordinates, and yes even our bosses! The progression of steps an individual goes through when receiving and performing assignments varies. This is all thought to have something to do with accountability. Yet for managers, ensuring subordinates are accountable while executing strategy is no easy feat. In part one of a multipart series, I discuss key concepts of accountability—what it is, how it impacts managers and how to approach this critical piece of the puzzle for effective management.

What is accountability, and how does it impact managerial success?

What do we mean by accountability? We often hear it used to describe businesses that are “not being held accountable” or individuals “needing to take more accountability” for their actions. Are you accountable? Am I? How is accountability used in the organization and what impact does it have on the day-to-day job managers’ need to do?

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