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Dwight Mihalicz has over 40 years’ experience helping local, national, and international organizations achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and performance.

6 Ways to Establish a Culture of Employee Engagement

Dwight Mihalicz,

Companies who emphasize employee engagement have been observed to have a lower turnover rate, improved productivity, and more satisfied employees who are more collaborative and innovative.

Establishing a culture of employee engagement can address common problems in the workplace such as poor communication and poor collaboration which lead to dips in productivity. Here are 6 ways to promote a company culture that values employee engagement.

Employee Engagement – Solutions that Work!

Dwight Mihalicz,

Engaged employees make a difference – but driving engagement can be elusive.

As executives and managers in organizations, we don’t need research to tell us that engaged employees are better performers. We all know how important it is to have engaged employees. The research evidence is overwhelming. Consider these facts from Gallup when comparing top quartile engaged companies vs bottom quartile:
  • Engaged employees have 48% FEWER safety incidents
  • There are 41% LESS quality incidents
  • Absenteeism is 43% LOWER
  • Customer ratings are 10% HIGHER
  • Productivity is 21% HIGHER
  • Profitability is 22% HIGHER

Employee Engagement – Why is Accountability Important?

Dwight Mihalicz,

This is Part 2 of the Employee Engagement series on addressing the root cause issues that can be addressed to improve engagement in your organization. Read Part 1 here

The most significant finding is that Accountability is very highly correlated with manager effectiveness.

Accountability is at the heart of managerial leadership. It is important that employees have a clear understanding of what they are being held accountable for and how their outcomes will contribute to the success of their organization. If they are not aware of this, how do they determine what their most value added work should be, and where they should focus their efforts? When they need to make decisions, how can they be assured that they are making decisions that are consistent with what their managers would want?

Employee Engagement – Manager Effectiveness Assessment Solutions

Dwight Mihalicz,

This is Part 3 of the Employee Engagement series on addressing the root cause issues that can be addressed to improve engagement in your organization. Read Part 1 here.   Read Part 2 here. 

 Effective ManagersTM has designed an survey-based approach to assess the current state of your management effectiveness. The results are consolidated and analyzed to provide precise recommendations that you can use to adapt its managerial support programs going forward.

The Survey will be administered to every manager in the organization. Other non-manager individuals may also be included if their specialized knowledge or tenure with the organization warrants their inclusion.

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